1 Week Puppy Board and Training

1 Week Puppy Board and Training
If you’re the proud owner of a new puppy and want to set them up for a lifetime of success, our Puppy Board and Training program is just what you need. With our 7-day program, we’ll come and pick up your pup from the comfort of your home and help them develop proper canine behaviors and manners. During our week-long training, we’ll help your pup master basic obedience, crate training, potty training, socialization, and command training. Our experts will use proven training techniques that are gentle and effective. When your pup comes home, you’ll have an additional one-hour session to help them master their new skills and stay on track. With Puppy Board and Training, you’ll get more than just a better-behaved pup. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your pup is in capable, caring hands and you can spend the week having some well-deserved relaxation. Get ready to give your pup the jump-start to success they need. Call us today to learn more and reserve your pup’s spot in our program.

Whether you have a young puppy, an elderly dog, or a rescue, my one-week dog training can teach them proper behaviour at home and on the go. I  use positive reinforcement to offer enjoyable and effective group and private sessions.

Your dog will go through an immersive program meant to transform his thinking for seven days and nights. During your puppy’s stay, I will cover Crate Training, House Training, and Basic Commands (sit, down, and leave it). Substitutions are possible. During this period, your puppy will also learn to mingle with other dogs, swim (depending on the weather), run, and play. Throughout your puppy’s stay, we will send you adorable images and videos of your puppies progress. I employ balanced training techniques that have an emphasis on positive reinforcement and participation.

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