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My name is Gerard. I am the proud owner of My Dog Rehab. It all started when one day I came across the show about a man that was the dog whisperer. I was very skeptical about how fast he was able to grab the attention of a dog and have to dog follow his orders. I started doing some research and training my dog more in depth. It took me some time to gain the confidence that I needed. Once I had it and saw the results, I was truly a believer in his ways of training. I was so excited, I wanted to train all the dogs at the dog park! As my skills grew, I realized I could control any dog in any situation within minutes. I felt like this was my calling to changing my career and have this be a new chapter in my life. Investing in continuous learning, I have successfully completed Training Cesar’s way Fundamentals of Dog Behavior and Training 1 with Cesar Millan. This Commitment to ongoing development reflects my dedication to staying at the forefront of Dog Training trends and delivering the highest level of expertise to my clients. I believe that staying informed and well-versed in emerging practice is paramount to providing exceptional dog training.  I truly love what I do and want to bridge the language barrier between us and man’s best friend.



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