Aggressive Dog Training Bootcamp

Aggressive Dog Training Bootcamp

Welcome to Aggressive Dog Training Bootcamp! Here you’ll get the help you need to address all levels of aggression and other behavioral problems in your dog. We understand that your dog’s issues may have been considered too difficult to address, so we’re here to help. Our team of dog trainers will work with you to find solutions to the issues of people aggression, insecurity, dog aggression, resource guarding, and more. So don’t be discouraged by what others have said about your dog; our bootcamp can help you find the tools and strategies needed to help your pup feel more relaxed, secure, and happy. 

Your pup will go through an in-depth assessment which will enable our trainers to gain insight into why your dog may be exhibiting reactivity or insecure behaviours. Our instructors will work closely with you and your pup to ensure that you receive the right level of attention, understanding and patience. With the combination of training sessions, follow-up advice and one-on-one support, your pup will leave our bootcamp a new pup! 

It’s never too late to address your pup’s aggression. Here at My Dog Rehab, we take on the challenge to make sure your pup gets the help he or she needs to become the best pup they can be. Sign up today and join the revolution!


If your dog is exhibiting aggressive behaviour, please get in touch with me. Through my aggressive dog training program, I can help you and your furry friend to stay calm.

Aggressive dog training has become increasingly popular to assist dogs with behavioural issues. Dogs in my aggressive dog training program learn how to respond less aggressively towards other dogs and people and socialize in a supervised environment. My goal for all dogs is for them to make completely neutral in all situations. This can benefit both the dog and his or her owner by making the dog more comfortable in social situations and decreasing the likelihood of aggressive behaviour.

Aggressive dog boot camps help by providing a supervised setting in which dogs can learn to react less aggressively around other dogs and humans. They are also socialized in a manner that is safe for the dog and those around it. I will strive to determine the source of the problem, whether it be fear, confusion, or anxiety in your dog.

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