Private Dog Training

Private Dog Training

Welcome to our special in home dog training program!

We believe that building a better relationship between a dog and their human is possible when both parties understand each other. Through our hands on, one-on-one instruction, we will teach you how to better understand and communicate with your pup in the language they know best.

Our goal is to bring you closer to your pup and establish trust, confidence, and understanding. By the end of our training program, you and your dog will be working together in harmony. 

During our in-home session, we will provide individualized attention and strategies specifically designed for you and your pup’s needs. We will show you how to observe your pup’s behavior, identify triggers and techniques that you can use to foster positive interaction. With consistent practice and implementation of the techniques we teach, you and your pup can form an even more special bond.

Let’s get started on your and your pup’s journey to better communication today!


The most popular package is private dog training. I will visit your home and work on particular issues with you and your dog. As a Professional Dog Trainer, I enjoy assisting families in connecting with and developing their relationships with their dogs via positive reinforcement training. This interactive learning opportunity will bring you closer to your genuine companion. I will help you overcome the linguistic barrier by teaching you how to speak with your dog in dog language.

Comprehensive training, understanding of dogs, positive mindset, enthusiasm, clear communication with your canine companions, dedication, and positive reinforcement-based methods set me apart from any other dog training choice in the country!

Our Results

Our dressage results are fantastic