1 Week Puppy Board and Training including Pickup & Dropoff Service

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Customer Reviews

January 7, 2023

I searched for a dog trainer for my 6 month old German Rottweiler for a few weeks. I did extensive research and finally decided to go with Gerard. It was the BEST decision!
My dog left with issues of anxiety, no socializing skills, biting the ankles and shoes, and not knowing to leave items alone upon command. She returned and all my issues were corrected along with new techniques. Gerard sent videos and photos during the week my puppy was with him. When she returned, Gerard gave me some great one on one training. He also recommended some awesome food and treat devices along with a new great leash. I couldn’t have been more blown away when I saw the great behavior my dog displayed when she returned. My entire family is so happy! Thanks Gerard!

Ashley F.
September 21, 2022

We hired Gerard to help us with our 1 year old Rat Terrier, Kasie. She has several issues like constant barking, leash controllability, jumping up on people… you get the picture!! Right away when Gerard arrived he took charge and within a few minutes Kasie succumbed to his techniques. He really is a “dog whisperer”!! He taught us so much within that hour. We even took Kasie and his cute little dog, Peek-A-Boo fir a walk around our neighborhood without Kasie struggling with us the entire time!! We will be practicing what Gerard has taught us and will be adding another session in the very near future. Gerard is a great person to work with and is a terrific trainer. Well worth every single penny!!

Ronald M.
September 21, 2022

From the moment he arrived, Gerard immediately was able to read our 1 year old golden doodle’s behavior (resource guarding, dominance) and react accordingly. He explained all of his techniques clearly, and showed us the right methods to practice when we had felt like we were shooting in the dark. We watched our dog slowly transform from being very anxious to relaxed in situations that always make him tense. It was incredible and we now know what to do moving forward. We will definitely be reaching out to Gerard for future sessions – thank you so much!!

Amanda T.