Aggression Training Bootcamp

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Customer Reviews

October 19, 2023

Gerard did an excellent job with our dog Kobe – he had a lot of anxiety and some aggression. Gerard’s training made a big difference and his patience in training us to continue working with Kobe was greatly appreciated. Highly recommend!!!!! Incredible improvement! We also strongly recommend the “Puppy Pursuit” game…our dogs love it and it tires them out like crazy!

Kane & Felicia Calamari
September 28, 2022

We wish we would have found Gerard sooner! He has done so much to help our dog in so many ways. We sent our 2.5 year old boxer to the 2 week aggression bootcamp and we are so happy we did. He came back a more relaxed, calm dog. He was dog aggressive especially on the leash and we never knew how he would react in certain situations. Gerard taught us how to handle and lead him. We are so amazed with how far he has come and it’s all thanks to Gerard. He truly cares for the dogs and only wishes for the best for them!

Katie Goshorn
September 21, 2022

We hired Gerard to help us with our 1 year old Rat Terrier, Kasie. She has several issues like constant barking, leash controllability, jumping up on people… you get the picture!! Right away when Gerard arrived he took charge and within a few minutes Kasie succumbed to his techniques. He really is a “dog whisperer”!! He taught us so much within that hour. We even took Kasie and his cute little dog, Peek-A-Boo fir a walk around our neighborhood without Kasie struggling with us the entire time!! We will be practicing what Gerard has taught us and will be adding another session in the very near future. Gerard is a great person to work with and is a terrific trainer. Well worth every single penny!!

Ronald M.