Private Dog Training

Are you having a hard time getting your pup to understand commands? Is your four-legged friend misbehaving more than you’d like? Worry not – private in home dog training is the answer.

At private in home dog training, our trainers will come directly to you to tailor training to your pup’s individual needs and behaviors. Through personalized coaching and the development of consistent routines, your pup will learn obedience, confidence and an improved bond with you.

Say goodbye to embarrassment or inconvenience of training in public and experience the results that private in home dog training can offer. Our team of trainers look forward to teaching your pup the skills to make them the most obedient and happiest dog in the neighborhood!

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Pay a deposit of $50.00

Customer Reviews

May 6, 2023

It’s been about a month since Gerry was here. We are sticking to our training as well as how to train our dogs. Jack Jack is not so ferociously attacking the fence when the new neighbors are out. The neighbor can even pet JJ, over the fence. Feeding time is more manageable, it’s no longer reminiscent to feeding time for the seals at Seaworld. Kona and JJ eat in separate rooms, are calmer, and eat slower now. It seems they understand the concept of “my space.” Things aren’t perfect yet, but I am happy with the progress.

Mike, Linda, and Margie
December 12, 2022

December 9, 2022
I got a good feeling when I was searching for trainers and came across Gerard’s website. I liked the reviews, and booked a private session. He was AMAZING!! All my expectations were exceeded. Having a mulitple dog household, he first studied the interactions between all. When we worked with my pup, within 5 minutes I could see his demeanor change. You could see he was showing Gerard respect, and stopping to think about what he was doing before acting. I, of course had been doing a few things wrong that pushed us backwards too. SO – after training both of us, I am working on what we were taught. Seeing someone on TV working with dogs sometimes looks unbelievable, like it can’t be true. Gerard is the real deal!! He knows what he is doing, and seeing my pup’s transformation with my own eyes – I am in awe, and totally grateful.

Kathy Fitzpatrick
September 21, 2022

We are so thankful to have found My Dog Rehab. Gerard came and helped us with our dog’s terrible separation anxiety. We were shown how to be a leader and how to help our dog become the best family companion. We actually have hope to be able to help our little dog. In such a short amount of time our super anxious little dog was able to relax himself to a calm state while alone and not bark continuously, or scratching the wall trim up. It was truly amazing. We have the guide to continue train our dog the proper way. Thank you so much! We highly recommend My Dog Rehab.

Deanna J.
August 7, 2022

It was a pleasure to have Gerard to train our dog, learned a lot and was able to see to big changes in her behavior and daily routine as a result

Cisco R.
July 17, 2022

I am very grateful to Gerard for helping me to become a better mom for my doggy Asher and more smart dog owner.
A couple years ago Asher had a terrible pad paws infection and became more protective of himself when someone tried to pet him.
He is a very social doggy and loves to play and be surrounded by people but his tension became a red flag for us. As immature dog owners we followed advises of the different dog trainers but there were no progress until Gerard came to work with Asher and me.
First of all, Gerard identified the source of the problem, performed training as a dog whisper and taught me the effective way to connect with my dog and help him.
I had only three lessons with Gerard and regularly have practiced very simple steps he suggested. There is a huge progress in Asher’s behavior and increased quality in his communication with me and his daddy.
Recently Asher attended a beach party with many strangers, he had lots of fun playing with kids and got new friends whom he let pet himself. He even got a compliment from a few people as “the most well-behaved dog”. I was so proud of him and happy to see he is coming back to his confident and trusted mode. It is also exciting to feel that our bond and understanding became stronger.
Thank you, Gerard!

Nadia T.
July 16, 2022

Gerard did a great job identifying when Skye was anxious, scared, aggressive, and/or just overly excited. He taught me fairly simple ways to curtail these type of behavior. I found that I needed to be trained just as much as Syke, such that I don’t compound these behaviors, and such that Skye respects me as the Alpha. I would highly recommend Gerard!!!

David A.