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October 19, 2023

Gerard did an excellent job with our dog Kobe – he had a lot of anxiety and some aggression. Gerard’s training made a big difference and his patience in training us to continue working with Kobe was greatly appreciated. Highly recommend!!!!! Incredible improvement! We also strongly recommend the “Puppy Pursuit” game…our dogs love it and it tires them out like crazy!

Kane & Felicia Calamari
May 6, 2023

It’s been about a month since Gerry was here. We are sticking to our training as well as how to train our dogs. Jack Jack is not so ferociously attacking the fence when the new neighbors are out. The neighbor can even pet JJ, over the fence. Feeding time is more manageable, it’s no longer reminiscent to feeding time for the seals at Seaworld. Kona and JJ eat in separate rooms, are calmer, and eat slower now. It seems they understand the concept of “my space.” Things aren’t perfect yet, but I am happy with the progress.

Mike, Linda, and Margie
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January 7, 2023

I searched for a dog trainer for my 6 month old German Rottweiler for a few weeks. I did extensive research and finally decided to go with Gerard. It was the BEST decision!
My dog left with issues of anxiety, no socializing skills, biting the ankles and shoes, and not knowing to leave items alone upon command. She returned and all my issues were corrected along with new techniques. Gerard sent videos and photos during the week my puppy was with him. When she returned, Gerard gave me some great one on one training. He also recommended some awesome food and treat devices along with a new great leash. I couldn’t have been more blown away when I saw the great behavior my dog displayed when she returned. My entire family is so happy! Thanks Gerard!

Ashley F.
December 23, 2022

Gerard is teaching me how to treat my dog like a dog and not a member of the family. When we first started training, Rizzo was the boss and now I am learning to be the pack leader. Rizzo is calmer and listens/obeys so much better! Every time we have a lesson, Rizzo learns so much. Rizzo did day boarding for five days and made so much progress. Thank you Gerard!!!

Rachel S.
December 12, 2022

December 9, 2022
I got a good feeling when I was searching for trainers and came across Gerard’s website. I liked the reviews, and booked a private session. He was AMAZING!! All my expectations were exceeded. Having a mulitple dog household, he first studied the interactions between all. When we worked with my pup, within 5 minutes I could see his demeanor change. You could see he was showing Gerard respect, and stopping to think about what he was doing before acting. I, of course had been doing a few things wrong that pushed us backwards too. SO – after training both of us, I am working on what we were taught. Seeing someone on TV working with dogs sometimes looks unbelievable, like it can’t be true. Gerard is the real deal!! He knows what he is doing, and seeing my pup’s transformation with my own eyes – I am in awe, and totally grateful.

Kathy Fitzpatrick
September 28, 2022

We wish we would have found Gerard sooner! He has done so much to help our dog in so many ways. We sent our 2.5 year old boxer to the 2 week aggression bootcamp and we are so happy we did. He came back a more relaxed, calm dog. He was dog aggressive especially on the leash and we never knew how he would react in certain situations. Gerard taught us how to handle and lead him. We are so amazed with how far he has come and it’s all thanks to Gerard. He truly cares for the dogs and only wishes for the best for them!

Katie Goshorn
September 21, 2022

We hired Gerard to help us with our 1 year old Rat Terrier, Kasie. She has several issues like constant barking, leash controllability, jumping up on people… you get the picture!! Right away when Gerard arrived he took charge and within a few minutes Kasie succumbed to his techniques. He really is a “dog whisperer”!! He taught us so much within that hour. We even took Kasie and his cute little dog, Peek-A-Boo fir a walk around our neighborhood without Kasie struggling with us the entire time!! We will be practicing what Gerard has taught us and will be adding another session in the very near future. Gerard is a great person to work with and is a terrific trainer. Well worth every single penny!!

Ronald M.
September 21, 2022

We are so thankful to have found My Dog Rehab. Gerard came and helped us with our dog’s terrible separation anxiety. We were shown how to be a leader and how to help our dog become the best family companion. We actually have hope to be able to help our little dog. In such a short amount of time our super anxious little dog was able to relax himself to a calm state while alone and not bark continuously, or scratching the wall trim up. It was truly amazing. We have the guide to continue train our dog the proper way. Thank you so much! We highly recommend My Dog Rehab.

Deanna J.