Kathy Fitzpatrick

December 9, 2022
I got a good feeling when I was searching for trainers and came across Gerard’s website. I liked the reviews, and booked a private session. He was AMAZING!! All my expectations were exceeded. Having a mulitple dog household, he first studied the interactions between all. When we worked with my pup, within 5 minutes I could see his demeanor change. You could see he was showing Gerard respect, and stopping to think about what he was doing before acting. I, of course had been doing a few things wrong that pushed us backwards too. SO – after training both of us, I am working on what we were taught. Seeing someone on TV working with dogs sometimes looks unbelievable, like it can’t be true. Gerard is the real deal!! He knows what he is doing, and seeing my pup’s transformation with my own eyes – I am in awe, and totally grateful.