Nadia T.

I am very grateful to Gerard for helping me to become a better mom for my doggy Asher and more smart dog owner.
A couple years ago Asher had a terrible pad paws infection and became more protective of himself when someone tried to pet him.
He is a very social doggy and loves to play and be surrounded by people but his tension became a red flag for us. As immature dog owners we followed advises of the different dog trainers but there were no progress until Gerard came to work with Asher and me.
First of all, Gerard identified the source of the problem, performed training as a dog whisper and taught me the effective way to connect with my dog and help him.
I had only three lessons with Gerard and regularly have practiced very simple steps he suggested. There is a huge progress in Asher’s behavior and increased quality in his communication with me and his daddy.
Recently Asher attended a beach party with many strangers, he had lots of fun playing with kids and got new friends whom he let pet himself. He even got a compliment from a few people as “the most well-behaved dog”. I was so proud of him and happy to see he is coming back to his confident and trusted mode. It is also exciting to feel that our bond and understanding became stronger.
Thank you, Gerard!